What is Madonna Wheelers Cycling Club?

It's the place where you can come to be a competitive cyclist.

It's the place where you can benefit from structured training, from qualified coaches.

But most of all it's a community oriented organisation that treats it's members (racing, & non-racing) like family.


How can I join?

Click here to Contact Our Coaches or come in and talk after one of our track training sessions, and we will guide you on how you can getting into riding for fun and fitness, or training to race. 

We have something for everyone boys, and girls, men and women, all age groups.


How can my child get started without having to buy an expensive bike?

If your child is Under 17 years old, and can ride a bike, then our Saturday Development Program is tailor-made for them.

Check the link on the left to find out more, or just call/Whatsapp a coach.